Various people are conscious of their figure and body weight. They eat healthy and nutritious foods and follow a proper exercise regimen to stay fit. The causes for unhealthiness of a body are consuming of alcohol, drugs and junk foods. However gaining weight is nowadays a major factor which creates tension for many people around. They go to gyms and stay on a strict diet. Some people even skip their meals for losing some kilos of weight.

But are these the effective solutions? Not really. Phentermine tablets are mentioned as an effective solution for reduction of weight. It is based on caloric registration, behavioral modification and exercise for managing the extra obesity including the various diseases like diabetes and controlled hypertension.

As prescribed by the doctor, an adult should take Phentermine 37.5mg in empty stomach before having breakfast or one to two hours after breakfast. In some cases people have 18.75mg daily while some have twice a day, but after consulting the physician. A vital point which should be kept in mind is that these tablets should not be recommended for the pediatric patients who are under sixteen years. However one should not take this medication in the late evening as it can lead to insomnia.

The generic name of this drug is called Phentermine hydrochloride and was first discovered in the United States for losing weight. This drug is still now famous for losing weight worldwide. It was approved by the FDA as an appetite suppressant and a drug for losing weight in the year 1959.

Phermatines belongs to the category of the amphetamines. This drug can be available in various trade or brand names which is dependent on the originality and the manufacturers. It can be obtained in 37.5mg or 50mg tablets or capsules and the name of the most popularly prescribed brand form of this drug is Adipex-P.

Phentermine 37.5mg is taken for reducing hunger and succeeds in ensuring for less overeating. Most of the people who have tried out these tablets have felt a noticeable change and the desire for eating has more or less gone. Besides having these tablets, one should also ensure to have the correct amounts of healthy foods, as these drugs work on only consuming the right quality of foods. There is no other effective pill than it in the market. It gives one the key to become physically fit and strong. However, there are some side effects of these tablets. Drowsiness is the most common side effect and if interacted with alcohol can lead to more drowsiness.

Vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, no taste in the mouth and dry mouth are some of the common side effects of this drug. But in case some rare side effects occur like increased blood pressure, insomnia, chest pain or having difficulty while doing exercise then it would be better to consult the doctor as soon as possible. This drug plays a vital role in increasing the insulin level in the body, especially if the person is diabetic then the person should take large amounts of insulin doses while consuming Phentermine.