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Maybe you are in bad condition of your hair,hair loss,hair dried, or hair dull,etc.And are searching some effective ways to regrow hair.After tried lots kinds of hair growth products in the market,but found there seems doesn’t work.Today,I will give you a gold hair growth solution,It is called “Mira Hair Oil”.

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Mira hair oil is the best hair care product that had been used in India for 5 centuries.Which can be Mira hair oilused by people of all ages,and can be used by male of female.You may ask me,Is mira oil scam?If you search in google.com with term of “Mira hair oil”,you will found lots of Mira oil Review and some videos show how mira hair work,and you will get your answer yourself!

Few Mins later…Have your get any idea of Mira hair oil?If not,let me guide you;First,What’s Mira hair oil?

Mira hair oil has been used in India for over 5,000 years. The all-natural, organic hair oil–which is said to promote hair growth–can be used by people of all ages and ethnicities. Mira hair oil can be applied as an overnight hair-mask or during a scalp-massage. You can also work the oil through your hair, as if you were applying gel. To understand how Mira hair oil works, you can look at the product’s main ingredients.

mira hair oil bonus
After this quote article,you will find that Mira hair oil is origin from India.In fact,lots of India girls like long hair.When you watch the movie in India,you will find lots of female actor with long beautiful hair.The history reason make them to find the most effective ingredients to grow hair fast.Ok,the next thing I will guide you find the mira hair oil ingredients.There are about 17 kinds of ingredients in Mira hair oil.Here I list 4 kinds of them;Eclipta Alba,Cardiospermum Halicacabum,Centella Asiatica,Bacopa Monnieri;
Eclipta Alba and Oil
mira hair oil ingredient

mira hair oil ingredient

The plant has traditional uses in Ayurveda. It is bitter, hot, sharp, dry in taste. In India it is known as bhangra (بھنگرہ), bhringaraj, and bhringraja. Widelia calendulacea is known by the same names, so the white-flowered E. alba is called white bhangra and the yellow-flowered W. calendulacea is called yellow bhangra.[1]

It is reported to improve hair growth and color.[2][3] A study in rats showed that petroleum ether extracts of E. prostrata decreased the amount of time it took for hair to begin regrowing and to fully regrow in shaved albino rats. The result of treatment with E. prostrata was better than the positive control, 2% minoxidil.[4]


Cardiospermum Halicacabum

Cardiospermum Halicacabum, also known as balloon vine, is one of Mira Hair Oil’s main ingredients. It’s a tropical climbing plant found in Asia and Africa. The roots of this plant’s leaves are often used in medicine. The juice of the leaves is believe to help with ear-aches, and placing the leaves on tumors and swellings is believed to aid them. Even though not clinically proven, people in the tropics use Cardiospermum Halicacabum, when making oil to helps infants with breathing problems.


Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica, also known as Indian pennywort, has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries. The herb has been used to increase circulation, treat skin disorders such as psoriasis and revitalize connective tissue. Centella Asiatica has also been used in anti-aging products.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri (waterhyssop, brahmi, thyme-leafed gratiola, water hyssop) is a perennial, creeping herb whose habitat includes wetlands and muddy shores. Brahmi is also the name given to Centella asiatica, particularly in North India, and Kerala where it is also identified in Malayalam as muttil or kodakan. This identification of brāhmī as C. asiatica has been in use for long in northern India, as Hēmādri’s Commentary on Aṣṭāṅgahṛdayaṃ (Āyuṛvēdarasāyanaṃ) treats maṇḍūkapaṛṇī (C. asiatica) as a synonym of brahmi,[2][3] although that may be a case of mistaken identification that was introduced during the 16th century.[4]


Those are 4 kinds of ingredients in Mira Hair Oil,If you want to know other ingredients for this oil,you can search yourself;I know south Brahmi women got a Guinness Records in 1998,I tried to find more information about this,but just find so:

One hot July day while visiting India on a business trip, I was introduced to the south Brahmi women. These women are known in India for having the longest, most beautiful hair in the world! So much so, they were even nominated into the Guinness Book of World Records (1998)!


Here I attached another longest hair Guinness Record:

Longest hair (female)

xie qiuping longest hair

The world’s longest documented hair belongs to Xie Qiuping (China) at 5.627 m (18 ft 5.54 in) when measured on 8 May 2004. She has been growing her hair since 1973 from the age of 13.

Source from:http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/longest-hair-%28female%29/

Now,After some Mira Hair Oil Ingredients deep search,It is reasonable,But does it really work?Ok,keep your eyes,It is a question asked by a people in yahoo answer:Does Mira Hair Oil Work?

Question asked by Helios

:D oes it really allow 2-3 inches of hair growth per month?

Everything about it yells scam, but I’m desperate here lol. >.<

Best Answer – Chosen by Voters

First Mira hair oil is not a scam. The thing is, when we can’t understand something we call it a scam. The sales page is well written for sure but here are a few facts about the Mira hair oil. Now I have used it for a few months and I am ecstatic with it but before I bought it I did research on it and here is what I found and what I have come to experience with Mira hair oil.

Mira customer service is top notch. You ask them a question and within a few hours (sometimes less than that they respond). It is run by two individuals called Eva and John who actually do care to help you (i asked them so many questions pre and post purchase)

The oil has no smell which is amazing for someone like me. The oil is also light and penetrates into the scalp fast.

Now Mira hair oil will provide natural nourishment to your hair. It will give your hair the moisture it needs as well as help restore natural sebum levels. This will give your hair the body and radiance it needs. Mira also takes care of the much needed if not critical balance of nutrients your scalp needs

Mira is enriched with several powerful herbal extracts which have been shown by science and the traditional science of Arjuveda to work magic on your hair
these herbs can both provide the hair and scalp with the complete nourishment they need for problem free, healthy, beautiful and thick hair

Yes there are many hair oils out there but very few will actually contain the right herbs or the right concentration of herbs Which is needed for these hair oils to work. Mira hair oil has all the herbs you need in high doses making it expensive but reliable. It is also made in Canada which beats it being made in some third world country where things are hardly regulated
When I used Mira this is what I found happened to my hair :
Faster hair growth. I had stagnant hair growth then my hair grew like weeds with Mira in a few short months
It made my hair stronger, thicker, shinier and took my hideous dandruff away
Mira ingredients are Amla. Hibiscus, henna, coconut oil, Eclipta Alba and more

If you did research on any of these herbs that Mira contains in actual medical publications you will see that Arjuveda knew something we in the west are now discovering.”How to make hair grow fast, healthy and long”. The science behind Mira is not new but it is the only product out there that actually works

With regards to the speed of growth. The actual growth you get with Mira or any other oil will be based on your genes. However Mira hair oil can help your hair grow faster, healthier and longer. If you are looking for miracles do not buy any product at all-none will give you one. If you want steady healthy growth use Mira or some other reputable oil

good luck and all the best


And a question from Does Mira Hair Oil actually work as guaranteed?

Does Mira Hair Oil actually work as guaranteed?

Before I even consider forking over 70 bucks…I wanted to know if Mira Hair Oil even works. Is it really that “miraculous? ? Does it really increase hair growth? It’s not a scam is it??

I ran into the website while searching for hair products/oils and it seems too good to be true…I couldn’t find any proper reviews in regards to this…so I was wondering if anyone here has used it and how they felt about it??
What did it do for your hair??

I bought that stuff. for a bunch of months, I can tell you this, it made my hair WAY WAY thicker, i had really thin hair you could barely see (but bunches of it). After I started using it my hair got thicker, not fuller, but thicker so i was pleased with that.
although it didn’t really increase my hair growth, which sucks cause that’s why I bought it. So maybe it works differently for you maybe it makes your hair grow faster AND become thicker. but for me it only made it thick. I’m now going to try hairfinity. I say you look into other options and see which one is more suitable cause mira hair oil does get a little expensive when the bottle is only like 4 oz.

two weeks. it took two whole weeks to notice that my hair was thicker. but at like the second application it was definitely softer.
then again it’s like 80 bucks for a 4oz bottle.
i say to do that thing they have that if you don’t like it after 60 days they give you back your money.
like that you could really test it yourself but also be assured that you can get your money back.


From the answers from the Mira hair oil users,You will find that,Yes,It is work,but some people claim that the mira oil is too expensive,As i know from its Official site,The price is $79.99,and $ 49.99/Bottle when you come back in 60 days!

It is time to say goodbye;Watch some video of Mira hair oil and Hair care;


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In next article,I will write Where is the best place to order Mira Hair oil!