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African Mango Plus health supplement is an up-graded version of the initial African bush mango product that’s proving extremely popular with the public and particularly with celebrities. A study regarding African mango plus reviews shows tons of pleased clients that have successfully used the pills to assist them to slim down.The product offers long-lasting outcomes, scientifically verified, proved, and the only one available nowadays.

African mango, or bush mango, is different from other mango fruits in that it creates a unusual seeds, that natives of Cameroon describe as “Dikka nuts”. For centuries, an extract through the seeds named irvingia gabonensis have been utilized concerning Cameroon villagers because of its wide-ranging medical advantages.

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Inspite of the current mania encompassing African Mango Diet and its weight-loss benefits, the berry has been utilized being a diet plan help for thousands of years in Cameroon, Africa-the only place in the planet in which African Mango Diet is harvested. The brightly colored exotic fruit is found solely in Cameroon’s west-coastal rain forests.

Now,let’s take some time to learn the ingredients of African mango plus:

gabonensis was demonstrated in a small double-blind placebo-controlled study to result in greater weight loss and improved blood test results in obese human volunteers when compared with placebo.[2] According to the study, there were significant reductions in african mango extract (irvingia gabonensis)weight, waist circumference, hip circumference, and systolic blood pressure in subjects taking the Irvingia compared to the placebo. Despite overall weight loss in this study there was not a significant reduction in body fat percentage. This indicates that weight was lost from both adipose tissue and from lean body mass and that these losses were proportionate to original body compositions. A further, longer clinical trial published in 2009 reported both weight loss and percent body fat loss.[3] In another study published in 2008 Irvingia gabonesis was demonstrated to enhance the weight reducing effects of Cissus quadrangularis. [4]

A small double-blind placebo-controlled study published in 2005 demonstrated that I. gabonensis resulted in greater weight-loss and improved blood-test results in obese human volunteers when compared with a placebo.[5] According to the study, significant reductions took place in weight, waist circumference, hip circumference, and systolic blood pressure in subjects taking the Irvingia compared to the placebo. Despite overall weight-loss in this study there was not a significant reduction in body-fat percentage. This indicates that weight was lost from both adipose tissue and from lean body-mass and that these losses were proportionate to original body compositions.

A further, longer clinical trial published in 2009 reported both weight loss and percent body-fat loss.[6]

Another study, published in 2008, demonstrated that Irvingia gabonesis enhanced the weight-reducing effects of Cissus quadrangularis.[7]

With the quote,you know african mango have the old history for weight loss.And the recently study by Dr. OZ states:

Irvingia, an extract of the West African mango, has been used for a variety of medicinal purposes in Africa for many centuries. Recently, there have been a few studies on the use of this extract for weight loss. As an obese nation, we are chronically on the search for that magic pill which allows us to eat whatever we want while losing weight at the same time.

african mangoIn the two randomized trials in overweight and obese humans using Irvingia, participants in the Irvingia group lost on average 5-10 pounds/month compared to the placebo group. Neither group made any lifestyle changes during the trial. They also noted that cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels improved significantly compared to the control group.

Sounds like a magic bullet to me! I tried it myself, and low and behold, in the first month of taking it (only once per day, mind you, instead of the recommended twice daily), I lost 7 pounds without making any changes in my usual healthy diet and exercise routine! I began recommending it to my patients who needed to lose weight, especially if they had high cholesterol and/or diabetes. The results have been slightly underwhelming. A few patients lost a few pounds, but it has not been the magic bullet I had hoped for. And with continued use, I have not lost any more weight.

And African Mango: A Miracle Weight Loss Supplement Or Not?

I was recently asked to do a show about African mango and as I was researching the popularity and interest on this, I was astonished to find how many people are spending a lot of money for this for weight loss. As I looked further into this topic, there are some indications that African mango may be helpful for cholesterol and blood sugar control as well as weight loss, but its ability to incur this change is mostly based out of its fiber content.

Based on a double-blind randomized controlled trial of 40 obese individuals, where some of them were given Irvingia gabonensis (African mango) while the others were not, those who were given the African mango had decreased LDL and triglycerides (bad cholesterols) and increased HDL (good cholesterol). These patients were monitored weekly by a dietitian and were kept on the same normal caloric diet.

The study result suggested that the African mango’s soluble fiber content helps to slow digestion and absorption of dietary sugar. The fiber also binds to bile acids in the intestinal tract and helps to carry it out of the body, forcing the body to convert more cholesterol into bile acids and thus helping with cholesterol levels. According to the study, if patients consumed soluble fiber in other forms, similar health benefits could occur that are comparable to that of African mango.

In regards to African mango, the study mentioned here is a small study, and larger-scale studies with longer follow-up evaluation are necessary to make sure that long-term use would not be harmful, and to truly gauge health benefits and whether there are going to be any long-term, detrimental problems.

What concerned me the most before reading this study is the cost that people pay for quick fixes — and based on this study, while it seems that the supplement may help with weight loss, so would a diet that has a healthy amount of soluble fiber from natural foods.

African mango plus is the best weight loss pills when you choose African mango supplements.The first time when i search weight loss of african mango,the good result shows me it is “African mango plus“.Here is i got the answer:

This review is from: African Mango Plus – African Mango Weight Loss Supplement Lose Weight and Burn Belly Fat with African Mango Diet Pill ~ 1 Bottle (Health and Beauty)

I have been taking these pills for almost a month now and am down 6 pounds. To be honest – I’m already a pretty fit, thin woman, but have some extra pounds around the middle that I have been trying to get rid of to no avail! I already see a huge difference and feel much better about my body.

I read the reviews on the level of caffeine contained in each pill, and was a bit worried because I drink 1 cup of coffee most days of the week, but not every day. With the pills, now I just don’t drink coffee in the morning at work, only on the weekends (because I like the taste of it), but I still don’t get any caffeine jitters when I take the pills AND have coffee! Because I’m already thin, and only want to lose about 8-10 pounds overall, I take one pill most days. Sometimes I will take the lunch time pill, but rarely. I take one in the am right when I wake up, then eat breakfast 20-30 minutes later. I haven’t changed my diet at all or my exercise routine and I feel SO much better! I’m very happy to have purchased these pills, and I’m about to purchase another 3-months supply!

Why choose African mango plus, here are 3 major advantages of African mango plus:

african mango plusIn case you’re that person that has difficulties with bowel irregularity or other health conditions inside you, these all-natural ingredients help out with eliminating all chemicals held in the body leaving it clean and without any illnesses. Sometimes, your body is required to be cleaned from all of those toxins to be able to perform correctly which is one of the best advantages you will get when you purchase the African Mango Diet Plus pill.

The success of this item is apparent the way vitality will be improved. While excess fat is kept in your body, it can make your body fragile and it’s unable to carry out to its total possible because there’s fewer energy. Another advantage of the well-known product is its capability to get rid of fat rapidly and switch it into energy. Your body seems light as well as energetic the whole day.

Final and not least, the natural fibre within this slimming pill has the capacity to control hunger so you avoid eating over your body requires. It will help our bodies get accustomed to taking in much less nutrition therefore supplying you with long-term weight-loss benefits.

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