X4labs extender Reviews

What’s x4 labs?

x4labs_deviceThe X4 Labs Penis Extender Device is making quite a stir in the penis enlargement industry. In this critique of the X4 Penis Extender, we aim to share with you the benefits of the device and how exactly it can aid you achieve that bigger penis that you have always wanted as well as finding out if it really is the best penis stretcher ever.

The X4 labs Male Enhancement Penis extender was designed to offer men great benefits ranging from penis stretching to correction of certain types of penile disorders.

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X4 Labs Penis Extender Critique- Section 2: What Else Is In the Box

The Bonus DVD – The Art of Seductive Sex Positions

The X4labs penis device comes with a bonus DVD on the Art of Seductive Sex Positions that guides you through several novel postures to enhance your sexual experience. There is a highlighted feature by AskMen.com in addition to the 30 different positions shown for you to practise with your partner. Worth $39.99, you get this amazing DVD included in your package for free!

To say the DVD is great is an understatement. So often, most men don’t grasp how important foreplay is to women, either missing it out all together or getting it all wrong. This DVD gives you great direction as to what women want from foreplay. Seductive Sex Positions is the authoritative video guide for today’s lovers. Join Crystal Lowe and Natasha Ray as they present comprehensive instruction while you and your lover enjoy 30 seductive sex positions demonstrated by 3 loving couples. Choose to watch with voiceover instruction and introductions, or choose Lovemaking Mode to enjoy the erotic visuals and sensual mood music in the background while you and your partner make love. Looking for some fun? Spice it up with the Random Position Selector! Three ways to watch and infinite possibilities for your sex life!

This Sex instruction DVD is included in every pack of the X4Labs Review – Gold Edition, thus making it the best medical penis stretcher package ever. Only by using the X4 Stretcher one can appreciate why it is rated as the Number 1 penis enhancement device in the market. It is also very economically priced from $129.95.

How X4 Labs Penis Extender Increase Penis’ Size

Penis extender is an old concept. Since culture pushed for men to seek for penis enlargement devices, many companies then developed various extenders. X4 Labs used the same concept but they ironed out the flaws of the old concept to produce the most reliable and safe extender. More importantly, they developed the X4 Labs Penis Extender in a way that it men would retain the increase in length and girth of the penis.

The concept behind the increased length and girth is the use of traction. That is, X4 Labs Penis Extender provides gentle stretching of the penis to increase it length and width. The continuous stretching would provide stress to the skin cells of the penis thereby forcing it to continuously regenerate. The regenerated cells results in enlarged penis size. What’s more important is that it is achieved naturally, without side effects.

The X4 Extender Device Offers Decent Performance for the Price

This device grows the penis through the principle of traction. By applying measured amounts of stress to the male member, the X4 Extender Device is designed to stimulate penile regeneration that bulks up the penis, making it longer and thicker. By strengthening the penis as it extends it, this product claims it also improves sexual performance.

In other words, if you suffer from common sexual problems, such as premature ejaculation or weak erections, X4 says it can help. Like all penis extenders, it sits on your anatomy and “extends” it over several months.

There are other penis extenders that are available online offer better benefits for more affordable prices (the #1-rated ProExtender is one shining example), but X4 Extender shows increased penis size in some (but not all) customers. However, a sizeable group of guys have tried X4 and have nothing to show for it.

Men who are happy with the device report increases in length and girth during and after their X4 Extender regimens. According to the manufacturers of this device, results enjoyed during usage will be permanent.

Now, let’s take a look at what this product is supposed to deliver. Then, we’ll examine some X4 Extender reviews from real-life guys who’ve tried the product. By offering you all of the information that you need, we’ll give you the power to make a wise and informed decision about whether or not this product is right for you.

How does it work?

X4 Labs clinically provenThere is no magic behind. The stretchers are based the well known traction principle. Small pressure (stress) is regularly being applied on the cells and tissue of the penis evenly forcing the cells to break and regenerate afterwards.

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During this process the tissue expands allowing better blood circulation resulting in increased penis size. With the improved blood circulation not only your penis will gain in length and girth, but also the erections are improved and overall sexual stamina boosted.

This principle is being used for years and helped countless number of men from every corner of the world. Additional benefit is the ability to treat penile curvature, also known as Peyronie’s disease.

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